Windows 10 Creator Edition Privacy Settings

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Many people are asking about the new privacy settings dialog box which is popping up on Windows 10 as they prepare for the introduction of Windows 10 Creators Edition.

This box is part of Microsofts transparency around privacy for users and shows how your system is currently set for various privacy options and suggests you carry them forward.

It is worth thinking carefully about each option, as you may not realise just how much data is being gathered. For example you are most likely already providing location information, this is great for you as it helps you to find local items of interest more easily, it does also mean that you can be targeted for more localised advertising.

You may also already be using Cortana and by providing that data Cortana can learn your voice and be more accurate when you speak to it. However it also means that your Cortana requests are also used to provide you more specific adverts based on the requests you make and also means that Cortana is listening to you all the time!

You will see diagnostics listed, this information is sent when something unusual happens, perhaps a program fails to load on one occasion. This can be really helpful as it helps to improve Windows 10 for everyone because Microsoft learn what isn’t working (and by inference what is working!). Through the tailored experience setting it also allows Windows to send you more explicit information about products on your computer (for example updated drivers when it detects a conflict).

Finally you will see a relevant ads button, this tailors certain adverts within Windows 10 products to be more specific to your usage over time. So if you are an avid gardener and search regularly for plants and seeds then your adverts will most likely be related to your hobby.

The best advice we can give you is to review your settings carefully, by having them all on you will find that your overall Windows experience will be tailored to you, your usage and your interactions with Cortana. By switching them all off you will be somewhat more anonymous but not receive the level of personalised tailoring which you may have already started to enjoy.