COVID-19 : Coronavirus

COVID-19 : Coronavirus

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I would like to reassure customers that Haymill Computers is not affected by COVID-19 at this stage but I recognise that many of my elderly or vulnerable customers will be worried and possibly self isolating. With this in mind I would like to remind everyone that I can also offer telephone and remote support services for residents and businesses alike, so please get in touch if you do feel you need support.

I would also like to remind everyone that whilst social media is a wonderful vehicle for staying in touch, it can also proliferate misinformation and, particularly with regard to COVID-19 I suggest that you fact check things carefully and recognise that your best advice on staying safe can be found on the Public Health England Website. For those of you worried or stressed you might want to look at some of the practical advice being offered by Oxfordshire MIND, they offer practical advice and guidance which might help to ease your worries. You can also get local information from your local authority in Slough or Bucks.

In addition can I just remind you that there have been one or two reports in the media of bad links relating to coronavirus being used by opportunistic scammers. Please be sure to use links which you know to be safe.

For most of us the best advice is to keep calm, wash hands regularly and self isolate if you have any of the symptoms.

If you have any questions about remote working please feel free to get in touch.

Above all, follow the government guidance, keep calm & carry on!