Email Issues on AOL, Compuserve or Verizon

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If you happen to have your email on AOL, Compuserve or Verizon please note that they are making changes to their email servers to ensure that they are fully secure. They will have sent you various messages in the past few months to notify you of this but you may well have considered the messages to be spam.

In addition to this, even if you did make the correct changes, you may find that you experience some email disruption as they don’t appear to have successfully implemented all the changes to the timetable they laid down.

In the first instance check to make sure your email settings have been revised to the correct ports as outlined in their emails. Secondly check to make sure you are using SSL on both incoming and outgoing services.

I also suggest that you be patient, by holding on for a little while you will probably find your service is resumed once they get their own servers resolved.

If you are still not sure then give me a call!